Restoration and repairs

Silversmith Workshop Barbara Amstutz. Foto Krešimir Hoborka. Silversmith Workshop Barbara Amstutz. Foto Krešimir Hoborka.

Restoration and repairs

Antique items, such as communion chalices, teapots or pendant lights, bear witness to the everyday lives of people in the past. Traces left by the work of earlier silversmiths or other professionals indicate the methods of production employed at the time; scratches, dents and other signs of wear and tear confirm that the artefact was actually used.

While restoration seeks to return silver items to a specific historical condition, repairs are designed to make them functional again. Both procedures entail intervening in the object’s history, while at the same time opening a new chapter.

With expertise and care, I restore, repair and conserve antique silver, liturgical hollowware, tableware and items made of non-precious metals. I maintain contacts with colleagues and collaborate with professionals in other disciplines. I would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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