My earliest reminiscence of playing: lying on my back in dim light I see hands in front of me. Two hands. They move towards each other, fingers meet fingers, cupped hands double up to become hollow; the hollow widens and becomes flat until the palms of the hands touch each other: these are my hands. Similar, yet different.

I move them, and again and again I am amazed by all these new forms. I examine. I touch. I discover. I play with my hands and give myself up to their play. Around me it is quiet. In the quiet room there are only these two moving hands, and slowly, I fall asleep.

Here, I have replayed this earliest reminiscence. Photographs led to sketches, and sketches to plaster and paper models. Following these models, I forged three-dimensional bowls out of silver plate in much the same way as I used to play with my hands and make them form a surface or a space when I was a child.

The different bowls correspond in scale to my hands as a child in relation to my face. The group of three bowls forms a movement sequence: each bowl captures a specific moment in my earliest reminiscence of child’s play.


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